1. What are the tasks that you can do for me?

— You came in my website looking for a SEO to hire and obviously I do offer that service. I can optimize your website and manage your social media accounts. SEO do needs basic HTML skills but it doesn’t mean that doing a makeover of your website is part of my service. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is basically making your website get a rank on top search engines and gaining traffic, not web designing or blog writing.

2. Can I assign you to non-SEO related tasks?

— The service rate I will give to you is for mainly the rate for SEO. So, if you have any other things you want me to do, that’s another story. You hire and pay me as an SEO, so I will and should work as an SEO and not a web designer or as your editor.

3. Can we start part time? How much is your rate for part time?

— I do understand to some that you want to try out first. So it’s okay with me if we start part time first. I understand that.

My rate for part time for now is $4.00 USD / hour.  If I do part time, I will give you daily reports of the tasks that I have done on the range of hours you want me to work every day.

4. What time will you work? My time or your time?

— I prefer more of doing it flexible. If I do part time, as I mentioned in FAQ #3 I will report to you daily, so no worries I do my job. If you want me to work on you full time (8 hrs / day) I will send you a monthly report.

5. When and where can I pay?

— For full time, you can pay me monthly but I need a down payment of at least 10% of the monthly rate before starting the service to assure that you are not a scam. There are some people nowadays that asks for a service, start the service  and when asked for the payment they just disappear like a bubble.

So for the end of the month payment it is

the MONTHLY rate-(MONTHLY rate*10% = First End of the month payment

This will be just done in the first month.

For part time, I would like to ask biweekly (every two weeks) payment.

You can pay me through paypal or directly to my bank account.

For other questions please feel free to contact me.


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